Moroccan In Paris

There are many Moroccans who also lives in Paris. Their previous country has been part of France and so many have migrated as France have a favorable condition economically so they could live there better. That is why they already have established their roots and they live in France and also in Paris where people around the world dream to be able to visit. One of the great thing that you can experience when you are in Paris is the expression of the culture of other people.

In here you can experience the cuisine of the Moroccan people. It is not just one restaurant to try their specialty but you can find more. You can eat at your heart’s content trying their food. The considered national dish of Morocco is┬ácouscous. When it comes to the red meat category, they usually eat beef. They are accompanied by various vegetables. Chicken is also one of the common dishes. They could be roasted or they could be used in tagines and they could be eaten together with the beef.

The cuisine of Morrocco have also met some influence from other cultures and so there are interactions of dishes and styles of cooking. But when you will eat in their restaurants, you can appreciate their own style that was the result of their culture and environment. They have soups and salads and the menu does not only center in one thing. You can have many dishes at one meal. They use spices heavily in cooking.