Morocco Culture And Etiquette

Let us learn some of the etiquettes they practice in Morocco as you may consider visiting there. You can experience some of the Moroccan life when you visit Paris due to their presence there. But there are sure differences when you visit Morocco itself as they practice their own culture and etiquette in their own way. One of the common cultures that we should know in each place we go is how they greet. A greeting is very important as it could make the conversation pleasant and right.

If you will be in Morocco then you should practice greeting by a handshake. In case of the two gender, the woman should extend her hand to be greeted by a handshake. If not then the man should bow as a greeting. A greeting of a kiss between two men is normal.

When it comes to clothing, men and women should wear decent clothes hiding the private parts. Knees up and shoulders are covered but in some areas, the rules are more relaxed and sleeveless are accepted.

When it comes to Mosques, they are for the Muslims only. You are limited in the outside view and it is better to avoid peering into the inside. There are places that are considered holy also like graveyards so do not walk near them.

When you are invited to have some dinner, leave your shoes at the door. They can let you know if you can wear it inside. Bring something small like flowers or something for the children. Browse more for other information.